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John Morton Cup

CSRG recaptures the feel of the 2.5 Trans-Am Challenge with big grids and a race series officially named after the man who could rightfully be called the Champion of the 2.5 Trans-Am, John Morton. Over 35 different car models competed in two or two point five era of the Trans-Am. Get ready for variety & close racing.

Crossflow Cup, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Formula Ford

In the 60s & 70s Formula Ford drivers were the gunslingers of racing—-much like go kart drivers of today. Grids were huge & manufacturers were abundant—-on the order of over one hundred companies tried their hand at manufacturing Formula Fords. The racing was incredibly intense. The Crossflow Cup honors that heritage & you can expect two grids of 50+ cars.

USRRC Group 4 Series

Before the Can-Am, there was the United States Road Racing Championship, aka the USRRC, for sports racing cars. The early cars (through 1967) in the USRRC included cars from McLaren, Lola, Huffaker (Genies), Lotus, Elva & more. Beginning with the 2019 David Love Vintage Races our USRRC Race Group 4 will include both over & under 2 liter cars & the two groups will run together, just as they did in the 1960s.